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High-performance coaching for athletes and individuals.

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When you are at the top of your game, every step counts

As high-performers, we push ourselves to do, achieve, and be more. We know that real growth comes from putting ourselves through the wringer, and the pressure to perform can be unrelenting. And when this pressure builds, we act impulsively, make choices that lead to overwhelm and knock us off our feet. But if we slow down and don’t push ourselves enough, our competitors will seize the opportunity to take our place.

When we spend all our time en-garde, parrying our day-to-day duties, we develop an imbalance in our personal performance. We strengthen the dominant side of our lives and put off training the weaker parts.

But it’s only through achieving balance that we maximize our potential, experience growth, and avoid burnout.

So how do we develop the right balance to achieve and surpass our goals?

Put your best foot forward and step up to the challenge.


Find balance

Focus on attention to detail, so that you can process and accomplish your goals.

Enjoy the journey

Focus on being in the zone, so that you can enjoy the process and move forward confidently.

Get extraordinary results

Focus on deliberating, practicing and establishing routines and take ownership of your practice.

Franco Cerutti – High-Performance Coaching for athletes and individuals

Hi, I’m Franco

I’m a high-performance coach and entrepreneur who helps high-performers like you maximize their potential.

Like you, I know the pressure and expectation of sustaining the high level of personal performance needed to be at the top. I’ve failed many times along the way, but these failures gave me the resilience to get back up, return to basics, and understand that it was more important to focus on the process than the result.

This mindset change helped me achieve success in many areas of life, including sport, investments, and business. It led me to become Olympic Chief of Sports Performance for the Swiss Fencing (SF) team at Tokyo 2020, and presently Director of Epee for the United States Fencing Association (USFA). Positions that allow me to work with some of the world’s best athletes on the world’s biggest stage, to help them produce their very best under extreme pressure.

Whatever you dream of, I want to help you achieve it.

Franco Cerutti – High-Performance Coaching for athletes and individuals
Franco Cerutti – High-Performance Coaching for athletes and individuals
Franco Cerutti – High-Performance Coaching for athletes and individuals

High-performance coaching

Your personalized coaching plan is based on my ‘3 Pillars of Performance’, a method that will elevate your performance and give you the mindset of a winner.

PILLAR 1 - Physical

Start your growth training and improve your endurance, strength, speed, agility, coordination, balance, and techniques related to your high performance.


Become a lifelong learner and develop whole mind thinking, emotional awareness, and intuitional awareness.


Balance your nutrition, sleep, breathing, and recovery to perform to your physical and mental peak.

“Franco is one of the most talented coaches I’ve ever met.

Not only is he highly skilled to help you maximize your potential. He is as dedicated to your growth as you are.”

Laura Eiman

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